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Autumn's amber red shadows dance - I'll be the giver and you'll be the taker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Autumn's amber red shadows dance [Nov. 23rd, 2005|10:55 am]
[mood |blahthere]
[music |Daphne Loves Derby - Midnight Highway]

Hey guys! Well I just got done having breakfast, mm :).. I'm waiting for my brother to get in the shower so I can get in. He came last night :D!! So yesteday was pretty fun, I got up kinda early and took a shower and got ready and watched all the Real Worlds, then Stacie and Erin came and picked me up and we went and picked up Melissa and Amanda adn went to eat at Artivinos ( I have no idea how to spell it). We all ate soo much lol, it's embarassing, so I'm not even gonna write it. But after we hung out at Erins, then I went hoe for a lil and went to go get Rachel a card and ice cream and took it to her cuz her brothers left for 2 years for their mission :(... That's super sad, I don't know what I would do if I couldn't see my brother for two years, even though he's as big of an ass as he is. Then a little while later, I went with my mom to pick up Erin and get my brother from the airport. After that Larry, Jeff, Josh and Pris came over cuz my mom didn't want me to go anywhere since my brother had just come in (liike I was with him anyways). But then Pris and Josh left, so it was just us 4 and we watched Can't Hardly Wait.. It was fun :). Ewin spent the night, so we stayed up talking about a lot of stuff.. kinda made me sad :( .... and then we went to bed. I then awoke to my brother making noise trying to wake us up, Ewin left,I ate and now I guess I've been at the computer. Well I'm gonna go kinda clean up my room until my brother's gone. Love ya

~;~ Natalie ~;~